A little bit about us...

Stephanie Lemos Braland is the youngest of 3 sisters who are known as the "Lemos girls". Born in New York City, she always loved the hustle and bustle of city living but longed for a tranquil setting when at home. She moved to Brazil (where her family is from) for 4 years  and quickly fell in love with how serene the lifestyle over there was. Over the years, she began to admire the details and craftsmanship of the pieces she saw in people's homes, thus beginning her love for home design.
Doce Lar means "Sweet Home" in Portuguese. Stephanie founded Doce Lar as a way to share her love for adding the details in a space that help make it feel like "home". This shop provides home accents that are handcrafted in Arizona that, when added to your space, will hopefully help make it feel more like home.

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